Tammy Descoteaux

Karuna Reiki®Master, Reiki Master/Teacher at All For You Reiki

Tammy Descoteaux

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Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) is an ancient Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy.  A Reiki session is a specific form of energy healing.  I am thrilled to share this information with you.

You are probably wondering how Reiki will benefit you .
I can tell you that Reiki clients commonly report an increased sense of peace and well-being with a more positive, balanced outlook after their session.  Most people notice a difference after the first session, and the benefits grow with repeated sessions.

Life stresses often block the flow of our own bodily energy, allowing illness and disease to occur.  The channeling of Reiki clears these blockages and balances the energy flow throughout our body.  It is considered a “healing” energy because optimum health and wellness can be enjoyed when energetic harmony is achieved.

Karuna Reiki(r) takes  the experience to a whole new level with increased vibration.  It is intended to aid in the physical healing of the body. Mental and emotional support including wisdom and peace can also be realized. On a spiritual level, it is effective for those looking for increased connection with their higher self and progression of spiritual growth.

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