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Strategies 2 Succeed

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Your brain is the one essential key piece of technology you must use each time you perform any development activity. You learned how to walk, talk, think, and code. If your want to be an Olympic Runner, World Class Speaker, or White Hat Hacker, you know it takes a lot more time, commitment, focused learning, sometimes coaching, than just learning the basics. But what kind of training can you get for your brain? While there are many different strategies we could discuss, I’ll introduce you to the art and science, as well as ongoing research into, ‘In-The-Zone’, as experienced in the work environment.

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When you leave, you will know:

  • Five very different types of ‘In-The-Zone ‘, their causes, and the two types commonly found among software engineers.
  • What conditions must be met before you can enter the Zone.
  • What events will likely pull you out of the Zone.
  • You will also be able to better identify when you or someone else is in the Zone.
  • Things you can do to develop more control of your own Zone further.

Steve Kohlenberger started, and hasn’t stopped coding since before Microsoft was formed. Over his career, he has written operating system kernels, LAN drivers, storage drivers, games, high speed communication systems, complex medical database conversion systems (SQL 2008 R2), and much more. He has worked with most Microsoft technologies and enjoys VB.

Through Steve’s companies, he has provided software and consulting services directly to:

IBM, Seagate Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, Cisco Systems, Novell/Suse, National Semiconductor, Network Products, Ball Corp., Computer Associates, and Allscripts, among others.

Today, Steve applies himself as a consultant, coach, and trainer, with clients focused in the fields of software engineering and IT professionals, for individuals and organizations, facilitating the acceleration of those wanting to get beyond present challenges and achieve greater levels of accomplishment, faster, and easier. Steve has a M.A. Degree in Psychology, a B.S. Degree in Computer Information Systems, is a Project Management Professional, and is a Success Coach, Small Business Coach, ADHD Coach,and Life Coach.

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