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Jeanne Michele, PhD

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Loving is a sacred connection between two people.  When it is working, it feels like the first blush of Spring.  When your heart is broken,it can feel like your world has been shattered.

We live in a complex world with many outside stimulations and distractions.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in trying to make someone happy, that we neglect vital elements of ourselves.  Loving is a verb.  We demonstrate our love by the things we do and do not do in our relationships with the significant people in our lives.  Creating vital relationships requires commitment, to your partner, and to yourself.

Sometimes we take one another for granted and quit focusing on the supportive ways a partner does demonstrate his or her love.  The little voice in our head can distract us by pointing out all the things he or she ‘does wrong’.  When you feel disconnected from our partner, you are much more vulnerable to outside attention and affection.

Sometimes someone we love leaves us, or we choose to leave them.  Loss of this nature can turn your world upside down.  And, as you move through the grief, this can be a great time to revitalize your relationship with YOU!

Sometimes we are longing for love and just can’t seem to attract a healthy, passionate, loving relationship.

Wherever you are on your relationship journey, it would be my privilege to serve as your partner and guide to create the kind of love that lights you up, body, soul, mind and spirit!

Offering Couples Coaching, Relationship / Divorce Recovery, Personalized Matchmaking Services, Relationship Coaching.




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